Under the guidance of Andrew Miller (Interbrand) and Andrea Sullivan (VaynerMedia), my team was asked to develop a powerful pitch for visibly highlighting Uber as a trusted leader in women’s safety in the ride-sharing industry. In the process of creating our pitches, we developed new business opportunities and presented them to our client.


Explore ways for the Uber brand to stand for and lead the discussion around Women’s Safety. As a category leader, Uber wants to create hero actions that prevent sexual assault of women, both on and off the platform.


People feel more comfortable and safer when there is a clear social contract in place, but the ride-sharing industry is missing that currently.

Through interviews, we discovered that women of color and most at-risk for unsafe conditions while ride-sharing, leading us to focus in on this audience.


Empower women of color, engaging them in every aspect of the conversation, to create a safer service for all.

Our Uber Guardian Angels initiative includes a safety contract that speaks to topics ranging from emotional security to physical safety. The “That’s Why I Drive” campaign, highlights stories of female drivers who support one another. And a new illustration system highlights the diversity of Uber through representation of people of all backgrounds and body-ableness.


Jeeyoung Song
Sara Remi Fields
Martin Zhang
Brad Cummins
Stefan P. Berg


Brand Strategy
Copy Editing

Our presentation was selected as a premiere finalist, leading to a pitch for Uber’s entire branding and communication teams.

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