Together, the Masters in Branding Class of 2020 worked with Bayer on Project Constellation. The challenge within this project was how to keep the dignity of self, future, family, and strength. But the power to do so is based on its inability to grasp the most central aspects of human life: hope, fear, love, beauty, and weakness.

In our research, we conducted audits in five areas to better understand the power in agency and decision-making, motivated habits, delivery of care and comfort, emotional management of uncertainty, and assumptions about cancer and stigmas that come with them.

We also conducted surveys and interviews to gather several firsthand accounts from patients, caregivers, medical and pharmaceutical professionals. Then we conducted research by reviewing literature, journals, documentaries, and social listening from varied online forms.

We utilized a human-centered strategy where we focused on a push and needs-based approach. We identified the contrast in effectiveness of traditional product-focused strategy vs human-centered and needs-based relationship building.

Living with cancer stretches far beyond the patient. From the caretaker whose routines revolve around a diagnosis, to the medical professionals who share in the moments of setbacks or success, to the loved ones who do their best to provide continued support. We refer to them as the community of care.


We created a manifesto for Bayer and extracted some language from our manifesto for Bayer and extracted some language from our manifesto that served as a tool for research to our positioning. “We draw our inspiration from the dignity, optimism and unseen radiance of those who persist.

Positioning a concept, brand, or product defines purpose and is expressed as a shared ambition that informs Bayer’s role in the community of care, and it guides the development of interventions and innovations in care and caring.

We used this tool to better understand Bayer’s role in the care community of elevating cancer treatment to cooperative care. And we established Bayer’s principal role as the nexus that connects scientific solutions and behavioral insight.


We then developed ideas Ranging from low-tech to nearly science fiction in concept, at their core, these offerings seek to find a strategic connection between Bayer’s technological capabilities and humanitarian mission to address the lived challenges faced by people affected by cancer.

We then created ideas through Steps – that Bayer can incorporate today or tomorrow, through Stretches – where Bayer can plan for the next six months to two years, and lastly, through Leaps – where we envision Bayer continuing to build their position as the nexus for cooperative care into 2030 and beyond. Through the four lenses of Cooperative Design, Cooperative Spaces, Cooperative Communities, and Cooperative Caring.


Masters in Branding Class of 2020

I specifically focused on the topics of motivated habits, patients facing unclear paths of treatment, and cooperative spaces.


Creative Ideation
Presentation Design

The project culminated in a pitch for Bayer's Packaging and Technology Innovation team.